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20/01/2013, 22h49
Do You Sudoku?

(Published January 18, 2013)

By This Week @ IC

"Once you go Sudoku, it's hard to go back," says Ronald Séguin, Team Leader of SITT's National Licensing Program. "These little grids are highly addictive." And addictive they are, taking the world by storm. The game of Sudoku, widely believed to have been introduced in the mid-1900s, has turned into a worldwide phenomenon.

Simply put, the aim of Sudoku is to complete a 9x9 number grid (composed of Latin squares) wherein no repeated values can occur in any of the grids. While many think the puzzle involves math somehow, in reality, Sudoku has little to do with numbers and more to do with logic. "You could just as easily work with a set of nine colours or a set of nine symbols instead of the digits one to nine," he explains.

Ronald, an avid Sudoku fan, partnered with his father to create Sudoku123, a free website to promote the game and encourage others to join in on the fun. His unique variation on the game involves adding more players and a point system, giving the pastime a more competitive spirit. When asked what makes these puzzles so unique, Ronald answers: "They can bite you when you least expect it!" Indeed, the game's biggest draw – and challenge – is unlocking the grid. For Ronald and his father, who have become closer over their shared passion, this rings particularly true.

"It's important to exercise your mind every chance you get," he says. "My father is starting to have difficulty concentrating and to forget things, and he strongly believes that Sudoku puzzles are helping him delay the effects of aging on his memory." Like chess or Scrabble, Sudoku is a fun and easy way to exercise your mind. "They're fun on the road, at the office or even at the cottage on a rainy afternoon," he says.

Check out Ronald's site and see if you can't get a small group of colleagues or friends together to solve some puzzles. Challenge your logic!

Rosaire Séguin
21/01/2013, 20h34
Salut Ron, il est 20:25 hre auj... 22 janvier 2013,

I just read this recent message, This is a good message for our sudoku 123 members to learn the sudoku's base.

The worst to learn is the way we can play on the forum . Any way ,Ron you are able to it very easy, Goodnigt Ronald